Volunteer at JUMP! Canada

Our programs wouldn’t be possible without dedicated, energetic and curious volunteers. Volunteers not only enrich our work with their time and efforts but also with their unique perspectives and personalities. Every year, we are honoured to host nearly 100 volunteers throughout the season who contribute nearly 5000 hours. While JUMP! Canada is the benefit of much love, care and labour from our volunteers, there are many benefits to be a volunteer with us:

- Connect to a community of spirited, welcoming, hard-working and fun humans.

- Learn new skills (be it fixing a canoe on clean-up weekend or facilitating a debrief or circle of honest conversation).

- Take your own time-out from the digital world to be under vast starry skies and be present to the people right next to you.

- Challenge yourself to reflect on your life and explore current questions within yourself.

For program volunteers (HomeTeam and On-Course), check out our Info Guide for Program Volunteers. After referencing that, please contact info@educo.ca with any further questions.

Clean-up Weekend

Join the staff team and the board of directors to open and close the Educo Adventure School site every year.


Home Team

Between May and September, be a part of the team that helps make magic happen on programs.

On-Course Volunteers

In July and August, we welcome volunteers to assist our facilitation teams in running our summer courses.