Frequently Asked Questions

What are your COVID-19 policies?

JUMP Foundation Canada will adhere to the most recent BC Camping Association Guidelines. Here are the 2021 Overnight BCCA Guidelines currently in place. As the 2022 Guidelines have yet to be released, we will update this page when that information becomes available.

The following guidelines to be in place for participants in the summer of 2022:
- Vaccination for youth will not be required (similar to school district regulations).
- Youth must answer a health questionnaire immediately prior to starting the camp experience. Should a youth or child display symptoms of COVID-19 prior to camp, they will not be permitted to attend without providing a negative test beforehand.
- Physical distancing will be enforced as much as possible.
- Campers are required to bring their own personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, hand sanitizer), and use this equipment when the instructor deems appropriate.
- Large gatherings will be avoided.
- Group equipment will be wiped down daily by staff members.
- Should a camper display COVID-19 symptoms during camp, they will need to be picked up immediately, and will be asked to no longer attend camp.
- Should an instructor display COVID-19 symptoms during camp, they will be isolated immediately and moved off site until they can provide a negative COVID-19 test result. Another instructor will take over for the remainder of the programming.

What happens in the event of program cancellation due to COVID-19?

Register with confidence. If your program must be canceled due to COVID-19 Public Health orders or regulations your options include transferring to a future program, receiving a credit or right to a full refund, less a $100 administration fee.

What happens if I need to cancel for any other reason?

- More than 60 days before your program start date - full refund of any payments made other than forfeiting a $100 administration fee.
- Between 60 and 30 days before your program start date - JUMP! Canada will refund you 50% of program fee payments.
- If canceling within 30 days of your program start date, no refunds will be given.
- We encourage you to explore your options for 3rd party travel insurance, especially if international travel is involved to attend your camp.
- We will always give consideration to individual unforeseen events and circumstances under our cancellation policy.

What time should I arrive on the first day?

Arrive anytime between 2 pm and 4 pm on the first day of your summer course. We kick off the course when everyone has arrived at 4 pm. You’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details when you register.

Can I bring my cell phone or other electronic devices?

We strongly recommend that youth use this opportunity to make connections with each other and the natural world and will encourage youth to put the phones away for the week. There is no cellphone reception on property and we do not have internet access for youth while they are here. Further, there are no power plugs in the cabins and charging off our batteries will not be permitted to save power for essential needs. In case of an emergency at home, parents can leave a message for students by calling our main office at 250-395-3388 and asking to speak with the camp director.

Do I need to bring everything on the equipment list (including hiking boots)?

Yes! What’s on the list is what we consider to be the essentials for the safety and comfort of each participant. Do your best to borrow what you don’t have or check out thrift stores. Regarding hiking boots, we recommend a medium-weight hiking boot with ankle support to prevent sprains. If you are purchasing new boots, wear them around home for a few days before arriving for your course. This will help break in the boots and prevent blisters.

Do you have any equipment to rent?

We have a limited number of sleeping bags and backpacks for rent. The cost for renting is $25 each for the duration of the course. Sleeping mats (for camping in the mountains) are available for $10 for the duration of the course. Please contact the Educo office to reserve. We also have extra warm clothing and some rain gear to lend out. We have a limited supply though so please do your best to borrow/bring what you can and if you’re still missing something after that, we’ll outfit you when you pack for your out trip. There is no rental fee for warm clothing and rain gear.

My child has specific dietary requirements, can you accommodate them?

Yes! Our kitchen staff will cater to your special food needs (including snacks - no need to bring your own). We can accommodate gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, pescatarian, and more! Please clearly identify your specific dietary requests on the medical form and we will make sure there is always an option available for you at meal and snack times.

Can my child bring their own snacks?

Due to possible allergies, we ask that campers not bring their own snacks on trip. We provide lots of healthy food while on a trip. Should campers still bring snacks from home, we will ask that they be shared with the group!

My child takes medication. Will they be assisted with this?

All prescription medications must be disclosed to staff (on medical form) during the enrollment process. Please bring your prescription medications in the original containers that are clearly labeled. The Camp Director (or Guides on-trip) will safely store and oversee dispensing of medication. Students who would suffer severe consequences if they were to miss a dose of medication due to damage or loss should bring back-up doses of that medication that can be held with the camp director or trip leaders.

My child has allergies. Will they be safe?

Yes. Parents are responsible for advising ahead of time of any allergies, including the severity. As nut allergies are common, please note that we are "nut-aware", not a "nut-free" camp. We keep all nut products separated from the rest of the food. For more severe allergies please connect with our camp director directly ( to detail a care plan.

Should my child bring money?

No, there’s nowhere to spend it!

How fit do my child need to be?

We move as fast as our slowest person and we adapt the activities and routes based on where the group dynamic and capabilities are at. However, as a general guide, our Leadership Weeks focus on learning and discussion and there are different options around intensity of exercise for individuals throughout the week. The Adventures Programs are focussed on backcountry travel and will see steeper terrain (mountain summits). Good fitness is especially required for the Trekkers program (ages 15-17) that will see several peaks summited in the space of several days! If you have any concerns, please reach out and we can help assess fitness capacity.

What is your alcohol, smoking, vaping and substance abuse policy?

Zero tolerance. Campers found with these substances on their person will be asked to have their parents come and collect them from the camp immediately.

Will my child be safe?

At JUMP! Foundation Canada, safety is our number one priority. Our operating policies and procedures, professionally trained staff that each hold a current Wilderness First Aid Certification, and industry-approved outdoor equipment ensure course activities are as safe as possible. We are accredited by the BC Camps Association and comply with all their safety standards. When traveling in the backcountry, each group carries satellite emergency communication that allows reliable communication with JUMP! and if needed, Search and Rescue. Our safety procedures also ensure the risks in course activities are more perceived than real.

I am gender diverse, how will my needs be met while at JUMP?

We want all of our participants to feel welcome and safe. We strive to be inclusive in all of our interactions and how we logistically plan your stay. We will address you with your preferred pronoun and name, our program activities are usually experienced with your cabin group, our bathrooms are gender inclusive, our bathing spaces are private and our housing accommodations are usually assigned based on the affirmed known gender of individuals. Please reach out to us for further clarification.

How many people will be at JUMP? What are the sleeping arrangements?

Our camp holds a maximum of 40 students. Each course group is divided into cabin groups of 8-10 students (based on gender identity), with whom most of your course activities will take place. Chaperones monitor the rooms at night.

What happens on the last day of the course?

We host an Open House on the last day of the course! Family and friends are invited to the Open House demonstration and celebration beginning at noon on the last day of the course (Saturday). The Open House is a chance for parents and families to share in the stories of the course, to witness their child’s achievements and transformations, and to see the site and some activities.

If there is limited electricity at the site how is it used?

At the site we have a number of propane fridges and freezers (and they all have their own names!) that we keep food in. We have a wood-fired hot water heater for doing dishes. We also have a solar panel system to operate our emergency phone, radios, and main cabin lights.

What will my child eat while at JUMP?

We do our best to provide an 80% vegetarian & 20% meat diet during all camps and expeditions. The food provided at camp/expedition is delicious and nutritious. Our menus include, but are not limited to:
- Breakfast - cereal, toast, oatmeal with fruit, eggs, pancakes.
- Lunch - sandwiches, wraps, soup, vegetables, fruit
- Dinner - pasta, casserole, chili, soup, burgers etc.
We also provide plenty of healthy snacks of granola bars, dried and fresh fruit and nuts.